Sexual Orientation: An Identity or Personal Desire?

In recent times, there has been a notable increase in discussions pertaining to the LGBTQ+ movement, leading to heated debates across various platforms. The promotion of understanding and inclusivity necessitates the practice of open-mindedness, active listening, and respectful dialogue, which unfortunately tend to be absent in these debates. To [...]

2023-06-07T15:27:23+00:00June 6th, 2023|Islam|

Consumerism and Islam

Uzma Saeed  During the last holiday season, while passing by my neighbor's house, I couldn't help but notice their car parked outside the garage, prompting me to reflect on the epitome of the American dream. If you observe closely, you'll likely find many of your neighbors adopting the same [...]

2023-05-31T01:54:39+00:00May 31st, 2023|Islam|

Rushing into Marriage as a Convert: Pressure, Predators, and Secret Wives

By Laura El Alam   “Marriage is half the deen (religion).” Muslims will often say this to emphasize the importance of finding a life partner. The actual hadith (saying of the Prophet Muhammad, peace and blessings be upon him) is: “When a person marries he has fulfilled half of the [...]

2023-04-19T22:11:50+00:00April 19th, 2023|Converts|

Understanding the Difference of Eid Days in the Muslim Community

Eid, which means "celebration" in Arabic, is one of the most important religious holidays celebrated by Muslims. It marks the end of Ramadan, the holy month of fasting, and is a time of joy, feasting, and community gatherings. However, one aspect that may sometimes cause confusion among non-Muslims and Muslims [...]

2023-04-19T15:29:20+00:00April 19th, 2023|Ramadan 1|

What is Success?

Uzma Saeed Yesterday, I tuned in to a podcast where the host and guest were accomplished young men. They seemed to have everything one could desire - mingling with influential people, indulging in their purchases, and traveling to various places. It made me wonder if their lives could get [...]

2023-03-26T17:12:22+00:00March 26th, 2023|Islam|
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