The famous Companion of the Prophet, peace be upon him, named Umar once said:

“Everyday it is said that so and so has died, and there must come a day when it will be said that Umar has died. Death is a reality that each of us will face, sooner or later. One may live a thousand years, but at the end they will ultimately still experience death.”

Unlike the Companion Umar who constantly prepared and reminded himself of that moment, many often run away from it. In our own cultures we bury in a coffin surrounded with flowers to distract ourselves from the reality of a dead human body before us.

In our lives we always prepare for the future, be it school, marriage, a career, or retirement. But what happens after that? The intelligent person is the one who reflects on the purpose of life and death and what will happen next. They will naturally live a happier life because they are connected to their eternal destiny rather than holding on to fleeting moments of this world in a very painful way.