Clothes of the Dwellers of Hell

But those who disbelieved will have cut out for them garments of fire.  Poured upon their heads will be scalding water. (Quran 22:19)

And you will see the criminals that Day bound together in shackles, their garments of liquid pitch (melted copper) and their faces covered by the Fire. (Quran 14:49-50)

Drink of Hell

They will be given to drink boiling water, so that it cuts up their bowels (to pieces). (Quran 47:15)
And if they ask for relief, they will be relieved with water like murky oil, which scalds (their) faces.  Wretched is the drink, and evil is the resting place. (Quran 18:29)

Before him is Hell, and he will be given a drink of purulent water.  He will gulp it but will hardly (be able to) swallow it.  And death will come to him from everywhere, but he is not to die.  And before him is a massive punishment. (Quran 14:16-17)

A boiling fluid and fluid dark, murky, intensely cold. (Quran 38:57)

They will go around between it and scalding water, heated (to the utmost degree). (Quran 55:44)

They will be given drink from a boiling spring. (Quran 88:5)

Then the inmates of the fire will cry out to the residents of paradise: “Give us some water or some of the food which Allah has provided you.”

They will reply: “Allah has prohibited both of these things to the unbelievers,

Horror of Hell

Indeed, those who disbelieve in Our verses – We will drive them into a Fire. Every time their skins are roasted through We will replace them with other skins so they may taste the punishment. Indeed, Allah is ever Exalted in Might and Wise. (Qurʾān 4:56)

Poured upon their heads will be scalding water by which is melted that within their bellies and (their) skins. (Quran 22:19-20)

And We will gather them on the Day of Resurrection (fallen) on their faces – blind, dumb and deaf.  Their refuge is Hell; every time it subsides We increase them in blazing fire. (Quran 17:97)

Indeed, the criminals are in error and madness.  The Day they are dragged into the Fire on their faces (it will be said), ‘Taste the touch of Hell.’ (Quran 54:47-48)

On the Day when the torment (of Hell) will cover them from above them and from underneath their feet. (Quran 29:55)

And brings an evil deed — such will be flung down on their faces into the Fire, (and it will be said), ‘Are you recompensed for anything but what you used to do?’ (Quran 27:90)

The Fire will burn their faces and they will grin therein, their lips displaced. (Quran 23:104)

The Day their faces will be turned over in the Fire, they will say, ‘How we wish we had obeyed God and obeyed the Messenger.’ (Quran 33:66)

for the rejecters We have prepared iron chains, yokes, and a blazing Fire. (Quran 76:4)

With Us are fetters (to bind them), and a Fire (to burn them), and a food that chokes, and a penalty grievous. (Quran 73:12-13)

We will put yokes on the necks of the unbelievers.  It would only be requital for their evil deeds. (Quran 34:33)

when yokes will be put round their necks and the chains, they will be dragged along. (Quran 40:71)

It almost bursts up with fury. Every time a group is cast therein, its keeper will ask: “Did no warner come to you?” They will say: “Yes, indeed a warner did come to us, but we belied him and said: ‘Allah never sent down anything (of revelation); you are only in great error.’“ And they will say: “Had we but listened or used our intelligence, we would not have been among the dwellers of the blazing Fire!” (Quran 67:8-10)

And those in the Fire will say to the keepers of Hell, ‘Supplicate your Lord to lighten for us a day from the punishment.’  They will say, ‘Did there not come to you your messengers with clear proofs?’  They will say, ‘Yes.’  They will reply, ‘Then supplicate (yourselves), but the supplication of the disbelievers is not except in error.’ (Quran 40:49-50)

Then be patient or impatient – it is all the same for you.  You are only being recompensed for what you used to do. (Quran 52:16)


Hell is a real place full of horror is misery. The Qurʾān provides a very detailed and graphic description of hell as it does for paradise. These descriptions are meant to motivate humans to strive to enter paradise and be saved from hell. Death is the ultimate reality and after that we have only one of two destinations, hell or heaven. The only way to be saved from hell is to follow the religion of Islam, the true and authentic teachings of God.

Every soul will taste death and you will be paid in full only on the Day of Resurrection. Whoever is kept away from the Fire and admitted to the Paradise will have indeed triumphed. And the life of this world is only an illusory pleasure. (Qurʾān 3:185).

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