Islamic Finance By Saulat Pervez Muslims often try to explain that Islam is more than a religion. They contend that Islam is actually a ‘way of life,’ with the Quran and the life traditions of the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) providing a blueprint for daily life. From marriage and family [...]

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Toward an Ethical Economic System: Alleviating Suffering Caused by Greed

By Samya Ali The Prophet (p) was asked which was the best form of income. He replied: “That for which a man works with his hands. And honest trading.” The Prophet himself was a trader and was well-known for his integrity. In fact, he was popularly known as “al-amin,” which [...]

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Islamic Finance

Islamic finance is flourishing even in a time of economic turmoil in the world. And, more and more people are taking notice. Recently, many articles have been written by mainstream publications highlighting the success of Islamic banking and the need for the world to learn from this financial model. For [...]

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