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Our beloved Prophet (pbuh) said:

“Convey from me,
Even if it is one verse!”

– Hadith

People are Waiting!

Donate any amount so you can to be part of this Prophetic mission.

Sponsor one Quran for entire year!

Sponsorship for a Quran sent to a non-Muslim daily for entire year is only $2000 (includes cost of Quran, USPS mailing).

Reach 5 Million

Sponsor one Quran daily for $75/month. Help us raise $300,000

Together, we can do it!

Inshaa Allah, this campaign is scalable.  If we had more funds, then we can reach out to more people and also generate more orders for Qurans, InShaa Allah.

Your donation sponsors following dawah package.
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Sponsor one Quran daily for $75/month. How many months do you want to sponsor?

Did You Know?

Those who had a touchpoint with a Muslim are twice as likely to be favorable towards Muslims than those who do not!

Concerned that Muslims are Extremists!
Prefer not to have Mosque in their town
Americans who do not know a Muslim!
Half of Americans Believe Fake News Rhetoric

An Epic Dawah Campaign

Join vision to reach every household with the Message of Islam.  Sponsor an online dawah campaign that reaches about 150,000 non-Muslims each week!  Alhamdulillah, we have reached out to more than 3.6 million Americans during last years!

  • Sponsor a Quran daily: $75/month
  • Outreach to 2000 people: $125
  • Sponsor 100 Quran orders: $500
  • Sponsor orders for one day: $1000
  • Sponsors Qurans for 1 Week: $2000

Breakdown for Cost by Day

  • $300 per day marketing cost for Facebook
  • $300 per day literature cost (Quran and other Islamic literature)
  • $400 per day mailing cost by USPS
Daily Cost – Please Sponsor!
People Outreach Daily with Your Donation!


By the Numbers…

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